Sunday, November 3, 2013

British Columbia Sexual Services Research (with donations to charity)

(COPY of EMAIL Sent tonight)

Dear Followers,

Since most of you have been recipients of my (world famous) BC Safe Sex Update, you will be familiar with my work.  For background details see -

My reason for sending you this email is to announce the creation of a New Google Group titled - BCSSR-Vancouver, and to invite you to JOIN at - -!forum/bcssr-vancouver

The purpose for this new group is to (boldly) go beyond previous discussions and to actually entertain the idea of setting-up a regulated facility (similar to Insite), possibly via an NGO or Social Enterprise, that would enable sexual services to take place in a clean, safe, respectful environment.

The initial facility could possibly be made exempt from any laws (which have not yet been knocked down by the courts)  pertaining to the sale of sexual services, by being classified as a - research - facility (which it would be), conducting evidence-based research on lowering risks and identifying scientifically-proven benefits of sexual services.  Essentially taking a scientific, clinical approach to this issue.

 - Harm-Reduction - reduce the potential risk of harm to those engaging in selling and buying sexual services.
 - Health Benefits - evaluate safely conducted sexual services as a less risky form of stress relief then taking drugs or engaging in other less healthy activities.  Especially those who have been (quietly) suffering.
 - Revenue Generation - generate funds for charity which could be used to help clean-up the DTES, improve health and alleviate poverty.
 - Rewards - Explore ways to use the facility as a way to reward those who have done "great things" for the - city, province, country, world - in improving the human condition.

Feel free to pass this email onto others who you think may also be interested in joining this important discussion.

Thank-you, sincerely,
Rick Orser
P: 604-325-0725