Tuesday, October 30, 2012

#SensationStation - Sex Shops - and the City of Love (Adults-Only 18+)

Re: City of Vancouver Sex Shop Regulation Issue

Barb Windsor, Chief License Inspector
City of Vancouver

Dear Barb,

As I hope you recall, I met with you and Tom Hammel (your Assistant Director of Licences and Animal Control), back in early September 2009 to discuss assisting you with research on the local Massage Parlour Industry, as the city was considering a review of regulation and fees related to this industry.

My proposal titled Metro-Vancouver Massage Business Research (MVMBR) included industry classifications based on services offered and comparisons with other jurisdictions within the Metro-Vancouver Region, and built on survey work and other research I conducted since starting this kind of research during my University days at SFU back in the early 1980’s.

Although no decision was made to enter into a contract with me to assist the city in this area, I do believe you and Tom were sufficiently impressed with my level of knowledge on the topic to keep me in mind for future reference.

As I am sure you know, based on recent court decisions, big changes are taking place in the area of laws related to the Sexual Services Industry. To help with discussion in this area and preparation for possible changes to regulation, I have started a new website - & blog:
1 - http://bcsafesexresearch.ca/
2 - http://blog.bcsafesexresearch.ca/  - (including (in full living colour) the Sexual Services Survey Report)
3 - As well as a Twitter account - @bcsafe #SensationStation

My reason for emailing you are the articles I have seen in the media about your proposed regulatory review of Vancouver based Sex Shops. Sample article: http://www.vancourier.com/Court+orders+closure+Vancouver+shop/7059581/story.html

I understand the review is mainly about administering and enforcing compliance with current city bylaws, but am wondering if this might also be an opportunity to evaluate these businesses in order to determine if they could be improved in order to provide better service to the community and support community values.

One of my concerns is the public perception that Sex Shops are bad for the community by contributing to unhealthy attitudes and behaviors and that they mainly cater to male clientele. This may be true to a certain extent, but not all "Sex" Shops cater mainly to male clientele, some cater mainly to female clientele and are sometimes called "Love" Shops that one does not hear too many complaints about... As a matter of fact, one of the main products in "Sex" Shops are - vibrators - which are almost exclusively used by females and are purchased by females or by their male friend or husband.

Sex Shops serve a useful purpose in that they act as safety-valves to help people maintain their sanity by helping to alleviate sexual suffering caused by stress and hormonal issues, and act as (doctor approved) preventative medicine, that if not treated could lead to health problems, especially mental health problems, which in turn can lead to social problems.

As you may know, Sex Shops in general, both male and female clientele oriented, are experiencing serious competition from online and mail-order businesses and could use some - "enhancements" - in order to improve and possibly even save their businesses....

If there are problems with Sex Shops then maybe this is an opportunity to look into transforming them into something that is not only more appealing to the community, but more appealing to both male and female users of Sex Shops as well.

One option would be to create a hybrid facility, possibly called a "Sensation Station" which would encourage community involvement and cater to both males and females equally, and which could not only be licensed to sell sexual products but also licensed to sell sexual - services - that offer sexual relief and nourishment in a clean, safe, respectable fashion.

This is about cleaning up and improving the sexual health of the community, and the city has a responsibility to ensure these kinds of - legal - services are available and carried out in a safe, clean, respectable fashion.  Not only that, but from a business point of view, there is also the possibility of transforming Vancouver into an Adult Entertainment Mecca that would help satiate lustful carnal desires on a Global Scale.  No need for unhealthy gambling, alcohol, tobacco or drugs... lets educate the world about a healthier alternative.


Peep Shows (mainly male customers)

Peep Shows offer adult movie viewing in private booths which are typically occupied by single males who sometimes engage in masturbatory practices. These activities are reasonably safe and healthy (although there is always the danger of electrocution of course, as well as making a mess).

Sometimes, however, there are more than one occupant in these booths, and not just male-female but also (even more so) male-male.... who are not just engaged in "playing with themselves" but also engaged in "playing with each other".  In other words, not just feasting their eyes on video, but also gorging themselves on each other.  And although I do not have anything against these activities, I do, however, believe they should be conducted in a clean, safe, respectable fashion which I do not believe is always the case in these facilities as they are currently constructed...

What is troubling also with the case of the male-female occupancy's, is that some of the females are street-level sex trade workers, many of whom are drug addicted and engaging in these activities for drug money, with cleanliness not necessarily their top priority...

In the case of the male-male, most are not even homosexual, if they were they would probably prefer to go to the steam bath (house), which is the preferred "home" of homosexuals.  Like the Adult Theaters, most of the peep-show males are either bi-sexual or quasi-bi-sexual (who are affectionately known as "funny-fellas") and in some cases they may be quite "straight" but are too horny, cheap or poor to go to a Massage Venue (for example) which is the preferred "home" of heterosexuals.

There is also the issue of vulnerable (mentally fragile) Hormonally Challenged Individuals (HCI's) who may not only need protection from others who are taking advantage of them, but also from themselves, and who may be in danger of sliding into engaging in deviant acts in neighborhoods such as peeping through bedroom windows... and of course when things get this bad and descend into this level of depravity there may be only one way of dealing with them:
- silver bullets work best (tell Jim to stock up in case we can’t fix this problem in time)....

A better option would be to have - live - peep shows (like they do in the states) where professional, properly trained girls (& security staff), could keep an eye on things and keep things humming along in a clean, safe and respectable fashion, for all involved, with a share of the profits donated to charity.
- What might be useful in the in-term is sending in a troupe of females, possibly called the VanDolls (to the rescue), outfitted with knee pads, rubber gloves and a box of condoms - quickly - before its too late.
Vibrators (mainly female customers)

As you know, I have always - loved - technology... and am glad people can use it to help satisfy their sexual needs.

Three concerns I have, however, are as follows, 1) many are not using this technology even though it could help them, 2) some are using technology but are not, or no longer, being satisfied by it and 3) it is unfortunate if the technology is reducing human contact instead of helping to increase it.

We need improvements to help reduce (growing) incidents of - Hysteria - taking place in Vancouver neighbourhoods.
- Healing Vancouver neighbourhoods suffering from - hysteria - some of which may be temper-”mental” and in need of a good - sexual - workout in order to pacify... should be a top priority of the city...

For further details on the term - hysteria - see - The Beginning - A romantic comedy about the invention of the vibrator
- AND - The Modern Version (bringing things to a whole new level) - My friends in the military tell me that when you are done with the Artillery its time to bring in the Mechanized Division
- Positive health benefits are possible if conducted in a safe clean fashion

AND, last but not least - The coming (to a neighbourhood near you, of (shared) Bi-cycle
- Bike Share Program - may not be enough - to cure the city's hysteria problem, and may actually contribute to - unintended (potentially diabolical) consequences...
- The sexual health risks for males using bikes are well documented... but there are issues for females as well...
- Trick or Treat ? - Be careful what you wish for... Just in time for Halloween - The dreaded "Numbing" of the Genitals
- In the early days of sexual health research it was thought that bicycle riding was a good form of sexual health for females, but now research is showing that excessive amounts can lead to - problems.
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Harvey_Kellogg
- http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/science-scope/riding-bikes-harmful-to-female-sexual-health/12570

Oh, and just in case anyone forgot, remember that -
- Green is Good but - Wellness is Better... https://sites.google.com/site/rickorser2/

Happy Halloween - and watch out for witches on brooms !


Driver's Seat - 

Rick Orser